Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Pictures to Share

I thought I
would share
some pictures with you today. I haven't been able to get my daughter's pictures made in some time. So I took her the other day and we hit every special occasion for this year (except Christmas) in one session. In order of the pictures it is Halloween, Easter. Birthday and Dance. Thanks for taking the time to look at them. She is such a big girl now. Not to mention very independent and strong willed. But, she will always be my little girl.


  1. She is a cutie! That reminds me that I can't remember the last picture I've printed! I take them all the time but never print them out! I love the blog girl! XOXO

  2. Great pictures. It sure looked like it was a fun mother daughter day together. Thank you for sharing your fun day.

  3. She is so Beautiful! Great pictures!!!