Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tooth Fairy and Santa

If the upcoming arrival of Santa Claus wasn't enough for my daughter. Then she should be set for sure now. She lost one of her baby teeth yesterday and received a visit from the toothfairy. The toothfairy left her $3.00, a lost tooth certicicate and a Selena Gomez cd. WOW her tooth fairy sure spoils her. Here is a picture of her certificate. If you look at it you may think it looks familiar. Well, personally it reminds me a whole lot of Kim B's kit "Toof Fairy" that she did as a collab with her sister. LOL. You can find the kit here if you want to pick it up. http://digital-scrapbooking.org/shop/toof-fairy-bundle-p-2525.html

1 comment:

  1. Whew, the Toothfairy up North is a lot better than the one here! I remember when I was a kiddo I got 25 cents! I think I was jipped!! I love the certificate! Amanda