Monday, September 13, 2010

pat on the back

I am going to brag on myself. I am so excited. I am the type of person that has to be shown how to do something new. written instructions don't get me very far without visually seeing it done a few times. therefore i have been learning how to do different things in photoshop at a very very slow pace. i have read so many tutorials that it isn't funny. one thing i have really wanted to do was to use templates. i have let them intimidate me. tonight i set down and told myself i wasn't leaving the computer until i figured out how to use a template. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me. i did it. i took a simplier looking template from scrap elf and a kit by amanda carlson called spring fling and made a layout. i had a few problems and had to improvise a little but i am so proud of my layout. i just had to share my accomplish meant with digiland. below is the template and kit i used as well as my finished layout.



after looking over my post i realized that the tag sunshine and buttons should have been moved more to the top of the layout. but i'm not going to let that ruin my excitement. i still feel like i did a good job.

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